1. For this episode, I entered that I don’t have a smart phone. Later, I was asked to whom I would give my phone for 10 minutes. I chose “my family”, and the episode paused, and went nowhere. Again, I chose “my family” and “some friends” – and the episode paused, and went nowhere. The pausing happened with both Opera browser on Ubuntu and Pale Moon browser on Windows Vista. Finally, on Pale Moon, I chose “Nobody”, and the episode proceeded to the end. I don’t see any reason my preferred choices were not responded to. To quote the “King of Siam” – “Is a puzzlement.”

  2. One thing that so far has not been mentioned (to my knowledge) is the way messaging and email websites are now requiring that users link their accounts to cellphone numbers.

    Before you could open an pseudo-anonymous email account on hotmail…gmail….any number of services. But now many of those services require that you “verify” yourself by providing an cellphone number to which the send an SMS verification code.

    This is supposedly for increased security. But the trade-off is loss of anonymity and increased ability for tracking.

    Would appreciate seeing some information about this.


  3. One question. Since you´re trying to enlighten people about tracking and procedures not to be tracked
    in our very connected on- and offline world i really do wonder why are you using Canvas Fingerprinting
    which is by far the most severe and far-reaching tracking technology at the moment on this very website?
    Sounds like a contradiction in terms, doesn´t it?

  4. Really fundemental stuff here. It’s nice that someone actually says this, rather than leaving the community divided between who does and does not know how Big Data is collected.

  5. You should link to https://f-droid.org/ given that it not only has better warnings about these things, it is a known, safer repository for apps that treat us better. Given that 100% of the F-Droid apps are free/open, they actually can *remove* objectionable features where they do show up!

    Also, you should talk about how software freedom is relevant to this whole topic.

  6. these episodes are phenomenal. great info, great design, love it.