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Our mission to help people unlock the value of their personal data.
Almost every link in the economic chain has their hand in our collective data pocket. Data brokers in the US alone account for a $15bn industry, yet they have zero relationship with the consumers whose data they harvest and sell. They offer no discernible benefit back to the producers of this great data asset – you.

Cignifi raises funding to model credit scores for emerging market consumers

In the developed world, financial institutions use credit history in order to assess a person’s creditworthiness and subsequently issue them financial products at personalized terms. Unfortunately, that’s difficult to do in emerging markets, where mobile phones are more prevalent than traditional credit history.

Paying for Digital Privacy

One of the many unfortunate fallouts from the recent hacking scandals is the harsh realization that privacy in the age of the Internet is now essentially gone. Some may argue it was never there in the first place but regardless, it’s clear today that things you do online—whether in email, instant messaging, social media or web browsing—are but a few clicks away from being exposed for all the world to see.

Scary thought, isn’t it?

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