1. how do i protect my data on my Windows (LUMIA) Mobile?

  2. Kann ich leider nicht lesen. Das Format wird nicht “supportet”.

  3. If Illuminus doesn’t work for you then you could try the Magic Sauce API from Cambridge University.


    But then maybe neither of them will return accurate results if you’ve been playing around with Vortex (https://blog.donottrack-doc.com/the-vortex-game/ 😉

    Root http://mfadt.parsons.edu/2013/projects/vortex/

    Still, as the ‘do not track’ video seems to suggest, if I signed into Lendd’oh I don’t think I’d have a ‘ghost’ of chance of getting a loan with my profile.

    I find it extremely challenging to be truthful online.


    For example as Richard Gutjahr says in the video, “Okay, I admit that Do Not Track invented Illumunis,” (03:29:00).

    And I tried to access it myself, which might serve to indicate a new way to make money.

  4. After granting Illuminus permission to read my profile, the video showed me a name, age, and information that was completely incorrect and unrecognizable… Is there a bug that is showing me information for a previous viewer?!?

  5. what does this social tracking do for our youth as they go into the world. If banks and insurance companies, maybe even health care providers are taking into consideration what our youth put online, this can drastically affect their future. College athletic organization are already looking at recruits online profile when deciding on who to recruit or not. Our teens and children are going to be most effected if this type of social profiling goes further.

  6. My bookie told me he found out through Lendough how I was far too great a risk for him to serve me because I’d worked out a system for winning big bucks at the kitten races and then bragged about in to my friends on farcebook.

    So now I’ve signed up to Illuminus to see if I can skew my farcebook account enough to get him to change his mind.

  7. Name, age and evaluation (e.g., regarding risk taking) totally wrong. I can see where wrong conclusions generated by algorithms that others believe to be infallible could be more harmful that correct conclusions.

  8. Meine professionelle Einschätzung lag total falsch 😀

  9. Irgendwie stimmten die zuerst ermittelten Daten bezüglich Offenheit etc. nicht mit den Daten, die später angezeigt wurde überein. Why?