Millions of Facebook users have no idea they’re using the internet

It was in Indonesia three years ago that Helani Galpaya first noticed the anomaly. Indonesians surveyed by Galpaya told her that they didn’t use the internet. But in focus groups, they would talk enthusiastically about how much time they spent on Facebook. Galpaya, a researcher (and now CEO) with LIRNEasia, a think tank, called Rohan Samarajiva, her boss at the time, to tell him what she had discovered. “It seemed that in their minds, the Internet did not exist; only Facebook,” he concluded.

Facebook’s Project to Find Out What People Really Want in Their News Feed

It’s part of a continuing effort by Facebook to make the News Feed central to our existence. “The dream is to get to this world where people feel that Facebook is an instrumental, useful, important part of their lives,” says the company’s chief product officer, Chris Cox. “That’s the golden thing.”

Facebook Page Unliker

Remember those embarassing pages you liked on Facebook as back when it was first starting? When it was known as “Becoming a Fan” of a page? Some of us that were bored teenagers (such as myself), when in a liking spree for these pages, accumulating a lot of embarrassing (and dumb), likes in the process. This app merely allows you to see all of your Facebook Pages liked (oldest) first and allowing you to scroll through and unlike those that you do not wish to show up on your profile anymore. Don’t worry, we don’t store any personal data from your Facebook account, we just need to you to connect using it so we can find your pages that you need to unlike. Enjoy and share this with your friends!

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