How parliament is failing to protect your privacy

One year on from the start of the Snowden revelations, there has still been no real political discussion about mass surveillance in the UK. In this film, we ask politicians what they knew and members of the public what they think.

Who oversees the agencies? Are they protecting us from terrorists or invading our privacy? What do the public think about mass surveillance and how does it impact on our rights to privacy and free speech?

Terms and Conditions May Apply – Movie Trailer

Admit it: you don’t really read the endless terms and conditions connected to every website you visit or app you download. But every day, billion-dollar corporations are learning more about your interests, your friends and family, your finances, and your secrets, and they’re not only selling the information to the highest bidder, but also sharing it with the government. And you agreed to all of it. What, if anything, you can do about it.