1. I started watching this series (Ep. 1-4) in the United States. I attempted to log into Ep. 5 in both Germany and Poland and after about two minutes, the video becomes unplayable. (The selections of pictures that “best describe you” do not work well, require repeated clicks to accept. Video then plays for a second, quits for thirty – at the point where the person in the data center and Danah Boyd from Microsoft are speaking. It becomes entirely unwatchable at that point.)

    The problem is not solely Firefox: it does not work in Internet Explorer either. I suppose I will have to stop watching the series until the problem is repaired. That is a real disappointment

    The issue is not my hotel wireless (which works fine on any other streaming service). It is not my computer (Windows 7).

  2. Still cannot watch episode 5 on Chrome, the hexagon just turns. But was able to watch without difficulty using Firefox, suggesting some conflict between your site/software and Chrome.

  3. I clicked on all the pictures and just got the number “90%”. That was it. I don’t think I understood the message unless there was something left in the episode I wasn’t seeing…

  4. Hello,

    Thank you so much for all the work in these episodes so far; very informative and understandable Oh; and one of the best HTML-5 websites I have seen so far 🙂

    Question: Sandra Rodriguez recommends Floodwatch in this episodes guiding text; but the link appears to be down at the moment and the only other reference I see is a Google Chrome add-on. Is it available for Firefox to by any chance?

    Thanks again for all the nice work. Kind regards from the Netherlands 🙂

  5. Very Fun and entertaining … loved it.
    I have my cookies disabled and I do not use Google Chrome for good reason.
    Thus Flood Watch is … not on my radar ..

    I will state this as fact … I have noticed EBAY is a extremely Prejudiced site. I know why .. I am a ship disturber .. Ebay has been practicing real bad policy on shipping to Canada … Used items do not and should not have EXTRA fees. Two years ago shipping averaged TEN dollars .. then oil went up to 100 .. now its between 45 and 50 .. yet EBAY has decided to Rip off Canadians … now the average price of shipping is around 25 dollars. Thus I went to our government and told them. Ebay found out .. now .. those “deals” I used to get are gone. They no my ip thus when I log in .. they have decided I am not worthy to get the deals any longer … I checked it by going to a friends place and looking up the same items … BIG DIFFERENCE …
    So remember everyone … Ebay now that they are doing some of the shipping .. first contact the person you would like your item from and ask if they can ship it personally to you .. you will find at leased a 30 percent difference. It is not just Ebay. So watch yourselves …Tracking is very real and boy .. on line stores use it a lot.

  6. Some interesting stuff in this one. Certainly a hot topic. What worries me a lot about big data is that now companies build the databases and algorithms that secret services only dreamt of. Companies are using our money to enable governments to watch us better. Now I am just as innocent as any other regular person but what if, by some statistical error I end up on some weird list I don’t even know of and it affects my life negatively?

  7. This one was my favorite to date. It ignited several conversations with friends and co-workers.

    Thank you and keep rocking it!

  8. I couldn’t get anywhere with this episode. Ubuntu with Opera browser and Windows Vista with Pale Moon browser both pause, and refuse to go further. Pale Moon displays a rotating octagon – different from the usual circle, but otherwise uninteresting. Any advice?

  9. Trying to watch on my iPad, but it keeps stopping and re-loading. I gave up after try number three. Otherwise, this is a great series! Hope you can fix it & re-send.

  10. I had troubles viewing this episode with Internet Explorer. Google Chrome worked fine.

  11. I am trying to watch ep 5 but the hexagon just keeps going around and nothing happens

    • Have the same problem can’t get into the story

    • Have you clicked on the hexigons. You need to select three of them to advance the narrative.