How to determine social media ROI

This shows how social media can be tracked to show how it can drive significant ROI for some major brands. Take special note of the ‘social value’ section, which shows a visual representation of how the social event data correlates with sales. This is essential for retail sites who have an extensive  social media strategy in place to monitor how their campaigns are performing.

Data Brockers

You know those companies that maintain massive databases of consumers and their behaviors — and sell all that information to marketers? Perhaps you don’t know them. They are supposed to be invisible.But they do have a significant impact on the effectiveness of marketing to consumers — especially when it comes to online sales.

I know what you did on the web

The sites you frequent on a daily basis are actively gathering facts about you. That’s why the jacket you’ve been coyly eyeing inconspicuously appeared in an ad on an unrelated website. Social networks are betting on a future built on a personalized web, your own Internet paradise filled with items the virtual you will likely share, pin, tweet, and like.

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